I’m so glad you decided to join me on this journey. You’re now a member of my Inner Circle, and I’ll share everything with you as I complete this epic ride.

You’ll see all the gory details that most people either forget about or are too afraid to share…even though they are essential steps to success.

Again, welcome! Now, there are a couple more steps to take…

What To Do Now

First, I want you to share my journey with anyone else that you think would enjoy following it.

Why should you share? Two reasons…

  1. It would mean a lot to me. I check the number of times people share as a way to validate that people really are interested in joining my journey. So essentially, share it to make me feel good :)
  2. The only reason I’m doing this whole thing is because I KNOW it will be massively valuable to anyone that is interested in reaching the next level themselves. By sharing it with them, they’ll be able to follow this journey along with you and they’ll receive all of the best insights too.

Now, Check Your Email

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See you soon!

– Peter