Lewis Howes

Lewis, you’re invited!


Hey Lewis,

I’m planning a really fun, unique online training event and I’d love to invite you to be featured!

Now, I know right now you’re probably thinking (a) “what the heck is this event?” (b) “who are you?”, and (c) “my schedule is already packed, should I even consider it?” so I recorded a quick video just for you that answers those questions.

Please watch now if you can :)

Here’s a quick summary of the event for your reference:

  • I’m hosting an online event called Grow Your Business LIVE: 1 on 1 Expert Jam Sessions
  • I would LOVE for you to be our expert on online courses (although I’m open to other topics, just let me know).
  • Your audience will be invited to win a consultation with each expert (including you). There will be one winner per expert.
  • Each consultation will be focused on one specific topic (online courses for yours) so it’s of maximum value (and easier for you to prepare for).
  • It only requires about one hour, done at your convenience. (It’s all online, so no travel, etc)
  • The recordings of each consultation will be released online as part of the event.
  • You will be able to capture leads to grow your audience plus promote a lead magnet of your choice.
  • It’s going to be a ton of fun!

I’m in the earlier stages of getting experts on board, however Neil Patel has already confirmed and I would LOVE for you to be the next!

Please email me back ([email protected]), text me (704-578-7642) or let me know whatever way you’d like!

Looking forward to working together :)