How Mindset Saved My Life, Helped Me Get Unstuck, and Finally Experience Success

5 years ago, I was struggling, frustrated, and going nowhere fast.

I felt like I was trapped in a box, hating myself, feeling like I was worthless and worst of all, STUCK. Ugh.

Long story short, I spent years of my life wallowing in my own self-pity, chasing my tail, and getting nowhere. Then, I discovered something so powerful that I was able to FINALLY broke free from the chains that I had put on myself.

What was it?

It happened when I learned about mindset and was able to appreciate how powerful it truly is.

Finally, I knew that I wasn’t a failure. I stopped feeling like I was born without the magic “success gene”. I stopped being jealous of successful people and chalking up their achievements to “luck”.

All those things that I blamed for my lack of success and years of head-aching struggle melted away.

And I felt powerful. Because this was something I could control. I knew that I wasn’t damaged goods after all.

I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be simply because I hadn’t developed my mindset yet. That was it. Not all the lame things I was blaming instead of myself.

I was focusing on the wrong thing all along. Instead of taking the same failed approach over and over and over again, hoping to “get lucky”, I took ownership.

I realized that I needed to change.

True success isn’t acquiring all the “things” we think it is. Success isn’t having a successful business. It’s not having a dream job. It’s not making a lot of money. It’s not having the car, the house, the vacations, the jewelry, the “fill in the blank”.

It’s not even having a great family or social circle.

It’s possessing the MINDSET to be able to go out and do those things. It’s having those things as part of your identity. That way you don’t have to worry about luck. You can go out and create whatever reality you want, whenever you want, because you have the mindset for it.

Here’s something you can take away from this TODAY:

Don’t focus on achieving success. Focus on BECOMING the type of person that is successful at whatever it is you want to achieve. There’s a difference…a big one.

However, here’s the downside. It took me YEARS to complete my learning about mindset because I had to piece everything together myself. There simply wasn’t any complete guide to understanding and mastering mindset.

(You see, what most people refer to as “mindset” is only ONE of the SIX core mindset components)

How did I do it? I studied top performers, role models, and people who were massively successful. After extensive research, I found that they were all talking about the exact same success principles…but they were simply using different words to describe them.

Once I realized this and was able to connect the dots, I was able to boil down all their inner game learnings into 6 universal mindset principles. Then I built my life around improving my mindset first and foremost…and THAT’S when my life finally shifted. That’s when I finally broke though and had more success. (I was able to launch a successful business, for example)

Let’s just say I owe it all to mindset.

Want to learn ALL of these 6 essential mindset components and how to apply them?

I’m teaching these 6 principles in a masterclass this Sunday. Please read about it below and join me if you feel like you could benefit from it.

See you soon!

– Peter