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15+ Experts Roll Their Sleeves Up & Help Real Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses

Here's what you get by upgrading now:

  • Lifetime Access to all 15+ expert Jam Sessions ($500 value)
  • Lifetime Access to all 15+ expert Jam Sessions in MP3 format ($250 value)
  • Exclusive access to private VIP webinar where I first unveil how I made this event happen ($199 value)
  • [Upcoming Premium Course] Email Outreach Academy ($499 value)
  • [First 10 People] One-hour consultation with me! ($250 value)

Total value: $1,698

What happens when 15+ top online marketing experts are paired up with real entrepreneurs just like you, put to the test, and tasked with using their expertise to help grow their businesses?

It all started with an idea.

​I knew I wanted to do something EPIC. I wanted to do something that no one else had done before. And, lastly, I knew I wanted to do something that would make an impact FAST.

I'd recently done some hard thinking and realized that the chance of hitting my list growth goal would be extremely tough to hit...


I went BIG and put a campaign together that would send a shockwave through the community that I was trying to reach (entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers).

A couple blog posts wouldn't do it. A webinar or two wouldn't do it. Ads wouldn't do it. 

(Now don't get me wrong...all of those tactics work and are highly recommended. However, in my situation, I needed one big thing to focus on.)

​I had a feeling that I wanted to do a summit-style event involving many experts and influencers. But, I wanted to put a twist on it. I needed something to give it an extra layer of excitement, making it irresistibly compelling. 

Then one day, it hit me. 

Wouldn't it be pretty freaking awesome if I got a bunch of experts on board to do a big online event, but instead of ME interviewing each expert, I'd give that opportunity away to the audience members? Well, I thought so, and as soon as that idea hit me, I KNEW I had to do it.

And that's how this event (Grow Your Business LIVE: 1 on 1 Expert Jam Sessions) was born. 

The more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea. I realized that our Jam Sessions would be uniquely valuable in a number of different ways:

1. Implementation Over Theory
These sessions would be purely tactical and strategic. No fluff, no theory, no abstract ideas. One thing that's always bothered me is reading about an exciting marketing tactic, then finding there's a big (no, huge) gap between reading about it and implementing it.

Once you​ actually decide to take action and put that tactic into practice...everything changes. The clarity you had while reading about it vanishes, and you're left with doubts and full of fear ("but will this actually work for ME?").

THAT'S exactly where being able to work directly with an expert to work through the situation and apply your chosen tactic in real life is so valuable. And that's exactly what this event does. Even if it's not your business, seeing the process unfold without missing a detail is immensely valuable, more so than simply reading the theory.​

2. Massive Value For All Involved
I believe in giving ​as much value AWAY to people as possible. This structure would allow me to maximize the value that I'm creating for other people.

Don't get me wrong, traditional events with a host conducting interviews are massively valuable. But this is a way to take that foundation of massive value and make it even more valuable for both the audience (that's you!) and the experts.

You (the audience) get the chance to meet with an expert and consult on your business...for free. That's definitely valuable, and something that I've never seen anywhere else.

The experts get to participate in something brand new that they've never done before, and they also get to reach a new audience and grow their list and brand. Plus, they get to showcase their expertise in a completely new way, which even helps them nurture their existing audience. 

Let's just call it "massively valuable squared" :)​

So that's reason #2 why the Jam Sessions got me so excited. But let's not forget about...

3. ​A HUGE Learning Opportunity
This entire campaign also fits into my model of "learning out loud". See my homepage? The angle that I've taken with this community is to (simplifying a little bit here) (a) do some really cool marketing campaigns and (b) share my results so people can learn from them and pick up new ways to start or grow their business.

​A big summit-style event with expert Jam Sessions like this would fit into this model PERFECTLY.

​So that's why this event got me so damn excited, and I couldn't get it out of my head. I HAD to do it.

Let's go back to our original question...

So what DOES happen when 15+ marketing experts are paired up with people just like you to help them solve some of their biggest problems? 

Well, here's what happens:

We FINALLY get to see the brainstorming and problem solving that usually goes on behind closed doors...BUT is the key to unlocking and implementing the new ideas, strategies, and tactics that result in massively effective campaigns that drive growth of whatever metric you're looking for...sales, conversion rates, traffic, email subscribers, social followers, etc.

(Read that last paragraph again if you're skimming. It's important!)

Each of the members of our expert panel charges a fee to work with them 1 on 1...if they even offer consultations in the first place. This means that when they do their best work for their clients and hatch the campaigns that lead to the biggest business growth, no one gets to see the most important part: HOW the campaign was constructed in the first place. 

Sure, sometimes they share the end result as a case study, but even then the most important parts are often left out -- WHY they did what they did and HOW they arrived at that decision.

Think about it this way (analogy time!):

Let's pretend you're trying to learn how to build a car. You've read all the how-to books, and even tried building a few. (You've probably watched a YouTube video or two as well.)

But at some point, wouldn't you find it incredibly valuable to be able to visit a real car factory and SEE how the world's top experts do it? To watch the process in action so you can see what you've been missing?

That's what our Jam Sessions provide: the ability to SEE how the world's top marketing experts approach problems and implement campaigns to solve them, resulting in massive business growth. Nothing's left out.

The things you learn can help you grow your business 10%, 50%, 100%, or even more.

​Why Buy The VIP Access Pass?

OK, so you've just seen WHY Grow Your Business LIVE: 1 on 1 Expert Jam Sessions is a powerful event that will give you a TON of valuable insights and ideas on the most important aspect of your business: growing it.

​(And hopefully, if you're reading this during the event, you've been able to catch some of the Jam Sessions.)

​But remember, access to each session lasts for only 48 hours, and then they're closed for good.

​And this is why the VIP Access Pass is so valuable! However, you get a LOT more with a VIP pass, so let's look in detail at everything you get if you choose to upgrade:

1. Lifetime Access To All Jam Sessions

Busy? Can't catch all the sessions during the event?

We all know what happens to your to-do list everyday. You fill it up with a bunch of tasks you'd love to complete, but then things come up. Fires need to be put out. Meetings and calls with clients pop up. Writing that sales letter/report/email/etc takes longer than expected. 

End result? Only 50% of your to-do list gets done. And, unfortunately, the things that most often get left out are the things that will GROW your business the most. 

(Why? The immediate, urgent "fire putting out stuff" that pops up is incredibly important, sure, but it's not going to grow your business. It's only going to maintain it. Yet, it takes up most of our time, including time that could be spent on things like watching these sessions -- things that will help GROW your business.)

So why not invest in the VIP pass and enjoy the sessions on YOUR time? Save them so you can watch them ​when you KNOW you'll have a couple hours to yourself.

With lifetime access to all of our Jam Sessions​, you'll never have to worry about missing a minute of the priceless insight, tactics, and strategies shared during this event!

2. MP3 Recordings Of All Jam Sessions

Prefer to listen on the go?

One of the best ways to instantly "create" more hours in the day is by filling up your empty time with learning and education -- especially on topics that will give you "a-ha!" moments and unlock new ways to grow your business. 

With the MP3 versions of the recordings, you can download the sessions to your phone and listen on the go.

Got a long drive coming up? Spend ungodly hours commuting everyday? Download the sessions to your phone and now your empty time has been transformed into valuable, productive time! 

3. Exclusive Access To Private VIP Webinar + Q&A Session

Want to be the first to see how this event was put together (and ask me anything)?

After the conclusion of this event, we'll be hosting a private webinar unveiling the process and exact steps that made this event come to life -- starting with NO list or connections.

The catch? You can ONLY access it with a VIP Access Pass. 

Want the chance to see behind the scenes? Want to see how Peter, the host of this event, gathered 15+ experts together to participate in this event, starting as a total unknown? (This means anyone can do probably already have more traction than he did starting out!)

In this private webinar, we'll reveal EVERYTHING. We'll pull back the curtain and show you everything that happened -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's stuff that most people never show...even when they say they're revealing everything!

4. Access to Email Outreach Academy (upcoming premium course)

​Ever wondered what the secret to starting and building relationships with high-value influencers is? (Even if you're just starting out and have no connections yet.)

Well, the secret is this: effective email outreach.

Doesn't seem like much of a secret, you say? That's because ​you're looking at the wrong part of the equation...

"Email outreach" isn't much of a secret, sure, but "effective email outreach" is.

It's the difference between emailing until you're blue in the face (while your inbox still remains a ghost town) and sending a few emails and being treated to great responses from your dream influencers popup up on your phone throughout the day.

Now, let's back up. Why is email outreach so important?

Just in case you already don't know why email is such a powerful tool that can unlock huge opportunities (that is, if you do it right) for your are just some things that are possible when you master the skill of effective email outreach:

  • Connecting with influencers, building relationships, and getting them to promote your work -- sending you tons of highly-targeted, warm traffic and leads.
  • Building backlinks so you can boost your SEO rankings and increase your site's traffic. 
  • Securing press mentions that can lead to huge exposure, traffic, and sales.
  • Creating profitable, impactful partner relationships.
  • Starting conversations with potential customers (and generating revenue).

​So how do you do it? What's the key to being able to craft a message, hit send, and get your targeted audience to respond and want to work with you, promote you, or even buy from you?

​It takes a whole lot more than emailing someone a whole bunch of reasons they should want to respond to you, I can tell you that.

It's about being different. It's about being creative. It's about crafting an email that (a) stands out from the crowd and (b) gets your target to respond (without immediately hitting the delete button). ​

(HINT: Doing this effectively also requires a crucial mindset shift.)

In Email Outreach Academy, I'll share the framework that I've used to do things like (a) bring top influencers on board for events like this one, (b) start conversations with potential customers to validate business ideas, (c) get backlinks for blog posts, and more (even start sales conversations!).

​And you'll be the FIRST to get access to this upcoming course, which means you'll get special attention from me and the ability to give input on the course! It's coming December 2016, so you'll be able to start January 2017 off strong :)

5. Free One-Hour Consultation With Peter (founder of Mindset Boss)

The first 10 people to upgrade to VIP will get a one-hour consultation with me -- completely free!

We can go over things like...​

  • High level strategy
  • How to come up with BIG, creative marketing campaigns
  • Mindset (obviously!)
  • Technology
  • Ongoing marketing & sales strategy
  • Anything else business related

It's always super helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off and come up with new strategies -- and that's what we'll do! You'll leave feeling energized and with some new ideas that you can implement right might even unlock just the breakthrough you need to unlock new growth!

Ready to get started? Get lifetime access to ALL Grow Your Business LIVE: 1 on 1 Jam Sessions plus exclusive bonuses ($1,698+ total value) for only $99?


Here are all of the experts that you'll be able to watch in action, putting their expertise to the test to help entrepreneurs just like you grow their businesses.





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