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Erica Duran: How to monetize your expertise while keeping your life stress-free

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Session Summary: Who says you gotta work to exhaustion?

You don't have to let your business run (or ruin) your life! You can certainly monetize your business on your own terms, without having to overwork and stress yourself with things like crazy product launches or the laborious 1-on-1 coaching game. In this Jam Session, Erica Duran helps Christine Egan, a health coach and author over at, brainstorm ways to turn her expertise and loyal followers into revenue streams without stress or sacrificing her lifestyle.

Lots of very refreshing ideas in this one -- and some key mindset shifts that help reverse limiting beliefs like "I'm not good enough to charge for my expertise" or "I have to adhere to an exhausting schedule for a high-end coaching group".


[2:45] Why you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there (and why you definitely shouldn’t “hide” behind a corporate looking site)
[6:55] How to gain the confidence to sell and promote yourself
[7:45] Why it’s actually BETTER to charge for your training/coaching/content than give everything away for free
[9:05] Why it’s not selfish (and you actually SHOULD) build your business around your lifestyle
[11:05] How to monetize as a topic expert without doing 1 on 1 consultation
[12:50] How Erica created a premium, high-end course ($3,000 per person) without a stressful launch or a crazy course creation schedule
[26:30] Why defining your core values will help you avoid time-sucking and ROI-absent initiatives and keep you focused and stress-free
[29:25] How Erica got her dream resort to sponsor her podcast and allow her to move to Hawaii
[35:15] How to overcome the fear of asking for email addresses or selling things
[37:10] What happens when you drastically cut your working hours (and availability to clients)?
[41:35] How to find clients, make direct offers, and make your first sales at premium price points without being pushy or annoying
[45:05] Should you target a new audience?
[51:05] How to go from a book as the sole monetization source to multiple sources of revenue
[54:05] Monetization: Turning a small group coaching program into an evergreen information product

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Erica Duran is the business coach for modern online entrepreneurs and a freedom based luxury lifestyle designer.

So what does that mean for you? Basically, this...

If you're ready to ditch the burnt-out, "work all day but little to show for it", and chained to one single location lifestyle, Erica is the person you need to work with. She'll help you bust out of the hamster wheel life and travel the world while becoming an independent entrepreneur -- download her resources and book a complimentary strategy session with her today!

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